Whether you already use the Kanban method or not, join this class to do it even better. Get practical, actionable guidance on designing and improving work and kanban systems using a core coaching technique.

Get the skills to take your kanban system(s) across the enterprise at scale. And put in place a multi-dimensional feedback loop mechanism to make lasting improvements at all levels of the organisation

KMM codifies more than ten years of experience implementing kanban systems across diverse industries, in businesses small to extremely large. It plays an essential role in creating unity, alignment, a sense of purpose, and good governance. 

Learn coaching tools and techniques to be successful, leading with significant evolutionary change initiatives to achieve Maturity Level 2 or Maturity Level 3 at an enterprise scale. Dive into a Kanban method codified approach to introducing and implementing change at all organization levels and any scale 

A Kanban Management Professional (KMP) knows how to make better decisions and streamlines upstream (e.g.Discovery) and Downstream (e.g. Delivery) flow of work to better manage work, improve service delivery, and create greater customer satisfaction.
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